Furniture Stain? Know When To Call A Professional

For some furniture, spilling a soft drink or glass of wine on the fabric is no cause for concern, and the resulting mess can be safely mopped up with a cloth, cleaned with soap, and rinsed with water until clean. However, other furniture is not so forgiving, with fabric that may be left with an irremovable stain if something were to be spilled upon it. Think before wiping down an expensive new sofa with a dish cloth from the kitchen.

Know What You’re Dealing With

Most furnishings have hidden tags with printed codes that specify the type of fabric it is made from. Before doing anything to treat a spill on furniture of value, check the tag to see what type of upholstery you are dealing with. Tags marked “W” are said to be safe to clean with water, as reported by Statum Designs. Otherwise, owners are advised to call a professional upholstery cleaner Pensacola FL based, or otherwise.

Other codes furniture owners might encounter include “S,” which indicates that only dry-cleaning solvents should be used; “WS,” which indicates that water may be used in some instances, but that consulting with a professional is recommended; “D,” which means only dry clean; and “X,” which indicates that the material can only be cleaned with a vacuum or brush and is not cleanable, except by experienced professionals.

If In Doubt, Test

If in doubt, test a small area of material on the bottom of a sofa or chair with the cleaning agent and method planned. Let the area dry overnight before making any final decisions. If in doubt, contact professional upholstery cleaners and ask for their opinion.

As with any business that performs work, it is reasonable to expect furniture cleaners to ask to view the pieces they are being asked to clean, as well as to be presented with a written estimate or quotation, detailing what work is to be performed, and a time frame for completion, as well as the total price. Not offering a written estimate, and asking for your signature, before beginning upholstery cleaning work, is a sign of a lack of professionalism.

Separate Un-Cleanable Furniture

Avoiding spills that may cause stains on upholstery that can’t be cleaned, or that is difficult and expensive to clean, may be a wise course of action. Checking to see what kind of material the furniture you are buying is made from can save many troubles, down the road.

Angie’s List reports that the cost clean a love seat might begin at $30 to $50, and that cleaning a couch might cost $70 to $80. A sectional unit might run owners as much as $150 for a complete cleaning. The site reports that pre-treating fabrics, particularly expensive-to-clean types, with products like Scotchgard, can definitely be worth the extra cost. Expect to pay up to $150 to get a full-sized sofa treated at the store. Otherwise, cans retail for about $10 each; though prices vary considerably.